Our Customer Stories

Take a look at the stories of our customers and see if anything they have done resonates with your organisation. If it does, get it touch for a free 30 minute chat on digital@two7four.com.

When Steve decided to launch he needed his visual identity and web presence created quickly and efficiently and on a tight budget.

We handled the design and creation of his new website, co-ordinated all the creative and technical effort, working without partners. Thereby allowing him to get on with what he is brilliant at, building and repairing incredible motorcycles.


The Crown Inn, Clunton

When Blaine and Michelle took over at the Crown Inn, Clunton in 2018 they were keen to keep their customers up to date with what is going on. We initially took on maintenance of their web presence and looked at ways to improve the customer experience and emphasis the well established brand.

After a few brief conversations and a bit of prototyping they settled on the Alexa flash briefing is the perfect voice first vehicle. Hooked up to a WordPress site to allow straight forward access to updating content content, the ease of use is paramount. Blaine and Michelle to focus on the job at hand rather that IT distractions.

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The next considerations was for the customers who have not yet embraced the voice first world. With mobile phone usage ubiquitous a mobile phone app is a great tool for providing customer engagement but usually cost prohibitive and time heavy

Again leading focusing on ease of use our solution for the mobile first users is a mobile app leveraging Google sheets and glideapps.com development environment.



Pant Today

The village of Pant (ed. stop sniggering I live here) sits just a stones throw from the Welsh border in North Shropshire along the main trunk road to mid Wales.

The Pant Today website’s goal is to promote the village, businesses I the village and be a communication hub for the community.

We approached Steve Bish to see if we could help with their goals and devised an Alexa flash briefing for them.

Have a read of the launch post on their website.