In November 2018 Amazon sold out of their new Echo Dots, pushing shipping dates back to 2019, I think even they were surprised.

It was estimated that over 50m devices had been sold worldwide by January 2017.

All Android phones can access the Alexa assistant using the Amazon Alexa app or Music App and in December 2018 Apple music began rolling out on the Alexa Platform.

This report on the state of voice in 2019 makes interesting reading. 59% of consumers say they are using smart speakers more than they did last year, a 10% increase.

As you can see the Alexa platform continues to grow, and we at two7four digital believe this trend will continue. We also believe that soon, not having an Alexa skill will be like not having a website or a Facebook presence. It will be an essential tool in communicating with your customers, but it is not just a tool for the megacorps, the channel can be utilised by all business.

By utilising the Amazon Alexa platform we want to help your business get started with this emerging marketing channel and help you increase the connection with your customers.

To see how we are helping out customers to embrace this and other digital channels take look at Our Customer Stories.

Some examples of our skills can be found here, some are just for fun, but demonstrate the capability.

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If you would like to have a free 30 minutes consultation about how we could help your business leverage this rapidly growing customer channel, please contact us at info@two7four.com and our team will be in touch.

Boost Your Brand with Alexa and WordPress

If you are ready to have a go a creating your first Alexa skill why not grab a copy of our book from which you can learn how to take your first steps on your voice enablement journey.


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